1) What is Rocky Mountain Photography?

Rocky Mountain Photography is a consolidated marketing service provider for all your media and photography needs. We are continuing to build our team of passionate and professional photo/video media specialists nationwide.  We’re the company you turn to when you’re ready to take your brand to the next level. We take the time to understand what you want and need. We provide only the most capable media professionals to bring your vision to life.

In addition to our primary services we solve many other problems for the modern business.  Do you need a headshot? Have an event coming up? Do you need your office furnished with fine art from around the world?  By placing your trust in Rocky Mountain Photography we ensure your needs are the first above everything else.

2) What’s the process of working with Rocky Mountain Photography?

Step 1) After familiarizing yourself with our services, use our booking form “here” to tell us about your project.  You will then receive a call within one business day from one of our marketing specialists to further understand your vision for the finished product.  After understanding your project needs we will send you a detailed estimate for the services requested.  After your approval, we move to step 2.

Step 2) On the scheduled shoot day, one of our media professionals will conduct the shoot and capture all the photos/video needed to best tell your story.  

Step 3) Once your photos/videos have been professionally edited, we will deliver the product for your review and final selections.

**To ensure your satisfaction, one additional revision is included**

3) Why should I choose Rocky Mountain Photography over other providers?

Unlike most photography or video companies specializing in one or two areas, Rocky Mountain Photography does it all.  Gone are the days of having to hire multiple companies to capture the media for your project.  We offer virtually every photography or video service  from the ground or sky including  capturing your marketing material from a plane, drone or from the ground.  Look to our gallery and service pages to learn more about how we can elevate your impression!

4) How are your photographers different from other companies and how do you maintain a consistent standard?

Before becoming a photographer on our team, individuals are properly screened and after approval begin our extensive training process .  Our photographers are prompt, polite and passionate in delivering the highest quality media to you for your project. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures all our media deliveries are on time and held to the “Rocky Mountain Standard.”

5) Why should I get a monthly package with Rocky Mountain Photography?

In today’s age of social media, content is king.  To win the big project, entice your potential client’s interest, and give yourself a leg up over your competition, professional media is paramount.  By committing to a monthly package with Rocky Mountain Photography, not only do you get our professional photography and video services at your fingertips, you get the peace of mind knowing your brand will be authentically represented from people who care about your story.  By making a commitment to us, we make a personal commitment to elevate you, your brand and your story.

6) What is your pricing?

Due to our extensive photography and video services that we provide, we believe in fully understanding your needs and expectations before delivering an official estimate.  When you’re ready for exceptional media and to elevate your brand, please take the first step and tell us how we can bring your vision into reality.  

7) How are your photographers held to the Rocky Mountain Standard?

We hold our photographers to the RMP Standard by utilizing the 4 P’s:





8) Why does Rocky Mountain Photography provide so many services?

Rocky Mountain Photography began with a simple concept of producing stunning construction and architecture photography from the ground and sky.  We began working with architectural firms, engineers, land developers and commercial real estate brokers which soon led us to working with residential real estate.

We were focused on providing high quality images for our client’s real estate, but then noticed their professional headshots were lacking.  This led to the launch of our portrait division which focused on business headshots.  We realized in order to be the best service provider for our clients,  we needed to be able to deliver all of our client’s visual media needs under one roof.

Soon thereafter, we created all of Rocky Mountain Photography’s business and personal divisions.  Click on the Begin button below to tell your story today!