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Construction, beginning to end, is a highly integrated and multi-faceted process in which precise and timely documentation is essential for remaining on-time and on-budget.

Throughout it’s lifecycle, your site will grow, change, and evolve; every day your site progresses and appears different than it looked before. Rocky Mountain Photography specializes in capturing these critical conditions during your site’s development and providing high quality imagery that clearly documents the progression of construction from all the angles that matter to you.

We can cater to any kind of shooting schedule whether you’d like your construction site captured monthly, weekly, or even several times per week!

Rocky Mountain Photography is the only company in Colorado that specializes in all three types of construction progress with ground, drone aerial & fixed-wing aerial photography.  Let us know your preferred method today!

Benefits of Our Service:


In the event that an issue and/or legal dispute arises in the development of your project, having the correct documentation will unequivocally provide quick resolution and save your company thousands in potential fees. Repetitive and exact photo-documentation from ground and sky will provide peace-of-mind in such cases and, in addition, will provide an excellent portfolio of past and present projects, as-well-as professional marketing materials to use in your best interest.

Using Rocky Mountain Photography as your trusted construction progress photographer has many benefits:

  • Nationwide Photographers
    • Our network of nationwide professionals provides your company with blanket coverage. Anywhere you build, you can trust our highly qualified photographers are ready to capture your site from the ground and sky.
  • Exact and Timely Documentation of Site Conditions
    • Whether legal disputes arise or you simply have pride in your work, Rocky Mountain Photography supplies outstanding and high quality documentation of your work for you to view indefinitely.
  • Standardized Process
    • Fast and prompt delivery guaranteed for all projects nationwide. Each and every photographer selected and trained specifically for your site.
  • Extended Media Coverage
    • Appearing professional is cornerstone to producing and replicating quality business. In addition to providing media, Rocky Mountain Photography can also provide authentic and professional business headshots for each and every member of your company. This cements your position as the best in your field and secures continued success.

Our construction services

Ground Construction Progress

  • One of the best and most accurate ways to showcase your construction site is to get up close and personal with it by getting one the ground construction progress photos.
  • We capture ground progress photography from the same angles every shoot so you can best observe the progression occur over time
  • A succession of ground progress images could be used to create a time lapse video of your construction site over a time period you could choose (weeks/months/years)

Drone Aerial Construction Progress

  • Before you even break ground on your construction site, drone aerial progress photography is extremely useful for capturing the an accurate picture of what the site looked like originally.
  • Drone construction progress photography provides high quality, sharp photos that transmit virtually real-time information on the progress of the site to all interested parties.
  • Using drones to capture your construction site can also provide the extremely important benefit of documenting any potential logistical issues that would otherwise be impossible to capture from the ground level.
  • Provides excellent photography and video coverage of site from 400 ft. and below

Fixed-Wing Aerial Construction Progress


  • Fixed-Wing Aerial Photography provides all of the same benefits as drone aerial photography, but it does so from 1,000+ feet in the air.
  • Drone Aerial Photography is limited to 400 ft. by FAA regulations, however in a fixed-wing aircraft Rocky Mountain Photography can capture your construction site from 1000+ ft. providing an entirely different viewing experience.
  • Rocky Mountain Photography is the only company in Colorado that specializes in all 3 types of construction progress photography: ground, drone and fixed-wing.

Construction Progress Video

  • When just images are not enough, look to Rocky Mountain Photography to capture professional construction progress video footage of your site
  • Providing both ground and aerial construction video services, we can walk or fly the same path, capturing the same footage from the same angles which results in a stunning time lapse video after the construction is complete.
  • Video adds a completely separate element to showcasing your construction progress than just using photos.  Your site becomes a living entity, moving and changing right before your eyes.
  • Book Rocky Mountain Photography today to see our construction progress video services for yourself!

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