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Are you hosting a business or holiday party?  Is there an important event coming in your life that you’d like to tell the story of with fantastic images?  Whether it’s business parties, conferences, sports, theatre & dance, musical performances look no further than Rocky Mountain Photography for your event photography needs.  Our professional photographers have years of experience over hundreds of events and you can know that by the end of the day you’ll have fantastic & high-quality images that showcase you, your guests and the event in the best possible light.

If you’re planning an event and would like to make sure you capture the special moments in time, feel free to reach out to us in our Contact form and we’ll discuss the specifics of your event and how we can serve you best.  If you’re representing a company or yourself and you have an important event coming up that you’d like showcased in the best possible light, professional photography of the event is an absolute must.   Here at Rocky Mountain Photography we’ll use our years of expertise  

Benefits of Our Service:

 For all of the planning and logistics that go into making an event happen, they go by in the blink of an eye.  Hiring a professional event photographer to capture all the different aspects of your hard work on display is the only way to be sure it will be captured in the best possible light.  That’s where Rocky Mountain Photography comes in!  We have trained, professional event photographers on staff that are ready to take your events to the next level.

Once your event is finished, your images can be used in a variety of ways to bring attention to the event such as in blogs, website postings, social media accounts, photo albums, advertising for future events, and newspaper and magazine articles.  Book Rocky Mountain Photography for your next event and experience our photography and video services for yourself today!

Floating Event Photographer

Organizing and bringing an event to life takes a lot of time and planning, which is why it’s only fair to yourself and your guests that you hire the professionals to best tell the story of your event!  Here at Rocky Mountain Photography we provide the service of a floating event photographer that use the combination of bringing guests together for posed photographs as well as move throughout the event and capture the moments you and your guests share. Book us today to experience for yourself the peace of mind knowing your event’s story is in professional hands!

Event Mobile Studio

For those events with a little more formality the mobile studio might be exactly what you’re looking for!  When using this service, our photographer will arrive with a fully equipped mobile studio providing strobe lighting which brings your guests front and center in front of the camera to create unforgettable moments that will be appreciated for years to come.  If you’re in need of a background for your guests let us know ahead of time and we’ll print it and transport it on the day of the event.  Book us now to see the Event Mobile Studio in action for yourself!

Event Video Production

For those times where photography alone at your event simply won’t be enough, our event video production services will add that extra something to really make your event stand out!  Our videographers will capture your event from all perspectives, making sure to tell the story of your event in the most authentic style possible.  Book your event video production service today and ensure your event has the proper coverage it deserves!



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